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Brad LeDuc

Transitions: Point A to Point B


Work for this exhibition began as a commentary on the experiences of physical transitions in space.  I contemplated questions including, “What are the most traveled paths my body takes from point A to point B?”  What are the most significant passages I make?”  In reflecting, I was also drawn to the significance of “place,” contrasting my childhood home in Clyde, Kansas with my current home in Topeka, Kansas, and the impact those two places have had on who I am today.  



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Art Of The Month

five - acrylic, colored pencil, metal foils - 19x26 framed

Stephanie Muñoz-O'neil

application of metal foil through a printing process was the beginning of this piece

wonderful play took place around these metal marks and once i was done i was stuck

fortunately, a spring time walk presented a twig laying against a wet grey sidewalk

from that one twig four more appeared and in the end i realized that these branches of spring represented my four sisters and me

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